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Jodi Campbell

MA Registered Clinical Counsellor

My work is deeply rooted in the core of who I am.  When you show up in my office you won't find a freudian style couch to lie on, a note pad in my hand, or a wall of                   (although I certainly have those too!). Instead you'll get my authentic self, the healing relationship that we form, and probably some tea.    

Areas of Expertise
Individual Counselling
Trauma, Attatchment Repair, Affect Regluation

I work with a variety of adolescent and adult clients and have had particular success with clients addressing the following topics and concerns:

Relational Trauma
Single-Incident Trauma
Life Transitions​
Complicated Grief
Relationship Difficulty

If you are seeking support but are unsure if your particular concern would be a good fit for my practice please don't hesitate to                  and book a free 15-minute consult.  If for any reason we are not a good fit, I might have a great referral who is!

Areas of Expertise


Past experiences leave their mark on our nervous system in the form of protective patterns that often operate just outside of our conscious awareness.  As a result, as adults, we sometimes continue to respond in ways that were required to protect ourselves and/or our life-sustaining relationships in childhood. However, often in adulthood those protective reactions can prevent us from living the life we want to live.  For many the path to healing begins with a conscious recognition of those patterns and their roots.  That's where my practice comes in.  

In an integrative process we combine my aptitude for tracking the nervous system and my knowledge of human healing with your experiential awareness to uncover new understandings of the messages embedded in your body, mind and nervous system. Together we can explore ways to process and make emotions that were once intolerable, tolerable.  In doing so we can work to break parts of you free from stuck numbness or overwhelm and deliver them back into a long lost sense of aliveness.  

My Approach

My fee is $160 +gst per 50 minute session.  Longer sessions are available at a prorated rate.  

My services are not covered by MSP.  However many extended health plans provide some coverage for Registered Clinical Counsellors.  Since all plans are slightly different it is best that you call your provider to find out if you do have coverage.  I do not do direct billing, but will provide you with a receipt for reimbursement.


Contact Me

1089 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC



To book a session or a free 15 minute phone consultation, or if you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me by phone or email.

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